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What we believe

Statement of Faith

We believe that God is in control of history and all creation and is the leader of God’s people. We believe that because of God’s grace and the life, death, and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, we have access to God and therefore become a part of God’s Kingdom. We look to God’s coming again when God’s Kingdom will be established in its fullness.

We believe that in order to become a citizen of the Kingdom of God, we must first believe in Jesus Christ and in His Gospel. We recognize that we are sinful. We believe that our sins are forgiven through the work of Christ, to which we respond by repentance. The sign of our death to the world and rebirth into Christ is baptism. Baptism is to be requested by each individual; no one can decide for someone else.

We commit ourselves to study the Scriptures, which are the inspired word of God. The community of believers interprets the Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As citizens of the Kingdom of God, we commit ourselves to a life of discipleship. This means that we follow the example and teaching of Jesus Christ, sharing His life, mission, and possibly His fate.

We affirm our responsibility to each other in the fellowship of believers; to seek each other’s good, and to both give and receive spiritual, emotional, and economic support. We shall love and care for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, in humility, admonishing and encouraging one another, to the end that all of us, individually and as a community, may grow up and mature in Christ. Our children are a vital part of our church family. We are all responsible for their care and nurture.

We commit ourselves to a way of peace. In keeping with the teachings of Christ we do not engage in acts of violence, including participation in the military. We commit ourselves to live lives of ecological and occupational responsibility. We agree to work towards social and economic justice. We will share our resources with those in need and will evaluate our standard of living in relation to our genuine needs and those of others.

We are agreed that Jesus Christ is central to our faith and life. We shall seek, as we have opportunity, to communicate the Good News of Christ to those we meet, so that they, too, may become part of God’s Kingdom.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and with the strength that comes from within our Christian community we will seek to fulfill this covenant.